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Download Awesome vanilla javascript slider for all purposes

A tiny slider for all purposes. This tiny-slider only works with static content and it works in the browser. If you are loading the html dynamically, make sure to call tns() after its loading. On this version using % instead of px
and CSS Mediaqueries if supported

Please follow the below steps
1. Add the below css into head (and IE8 polyfills if needed)

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/tiny-slider/2.9.1/tiny-slider.css">
<!–[if (lt IE 9)]><script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/tiny-slider/2.9.1/min/tiny-slider.helper.ie8.js"></script>

2. The HTML markup

<div class="my-slider">
<!– or ul.my-slider > li –>

3. Initialize tns()

Add tiny-slider.js to footer of your page:

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/tiny-slider/2.9.1/min/tiny-slider.js"></script>
<!– NOTE: prior to v2.2.1 tiny-slider.js need to be in <body> –>

Follow the below given Responsive options

The following options can be redefined in responsive field:

Sample code

var slider = tns({
container: ‘.my-slider’,
items: 1,
responsive: {
640: {
edgePadding: 20,
gutter: 20,
items: 2
700: {
gutter: 30
900: {
items: 3

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Download Awesome Mobile Touch Slider

Swiper is the free latest mobile touch slider. Includes with hardware accelerated transitions and awesome native behavior. The swiper designed for using in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and native hybrid apps . Intentionally designed for iOS, but also compatible with latest android and windows versions.

Please not one thing “Swiper is not compatible with all platforms”

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Free jquery fullscreen background slideshow plugins

Nowadays jquery fullscreen background slideshow with beautifull images are trending. Sometimes awesome slideshows in the websites capture whole attraction. We can surprise and mind blowed the visitor with the attractive background slideshows.

Jquery Slideshow

Creating slideshows for your website are easy with some awesome jquery plugins. Here i have colleted 10 more sources for you to get inspired . Some of them will teach you about making full screen background slideshow. I will add more libraries to this in the future , Alose inviting your suggestions too.. Enjoy reading .. cheers !!!!

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Client testimonials carousel

The testimonials carousel is a strategic section of a website. It’s a marketing tool, whose message is “this product/service has been used, and it’s good. Trust us!”.

Today we share a responsive and minimal client testimonials box, that can be easily integrated into your design. Besides we considered the scenario where the user wants to see more feedbacks, so we added a button that links to a modal page with more testimonials, with a nice CSS3 transition….

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Slider Pro – jQuery slider plugin

A modular, responsive and touch-enabled jQuery slider plugin that enables you to create elegant and professionally looking sliders.

Main features:

  • modular architecture
  • responsive
  • touch-swipe
  • CSS3 transitions
  • animated layers (and static)
  • infinite scrolling
  • carousel layout
  • full width and full window support
  • thumbnails
  • deep linking
  • lazy loading
  • retina-enabled
  • fade effect
  • full-screen support
  • CSS-only navigation controls (no graphics) for easy customization
  • video support
  • conditional images (different images for different screen sizes)
  • JavaScript breakpoints
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