CSS Box Model

The CSS box model is a concept that defines the structure of HTML elements on a web page. It describes the space occupied by an element, including its content, padding, borders, and borders.

The CSS box model has the following components, starting from the inside out:

Content: This is the area that contains the actual content of the element, such as e.g. text or images.

Padding: This is the area between the content and the border, used to create space between the content and the border.

Border: This is the line that surrounds the content and padding and is used to define the element’s size and visually separate it from other elements.

Margin: This is the area outside the frame, used to create space between the element and other elements.

When setting an element’s width and height, it’s important to understand the CSS box model because the values ​​you set affect the final size of the element on the page, taking into account its padding, borders, and margins.

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