CSS accent-color Property

The “accent-color” property in CSS is used to set the accent color for an element. It can be used to change the color of different parts of an element, e.g. B. the focus ring, text selection and more.

To use the accent-color property, you can add it to your CSS file along with a color value. For example:

accent-color: red;

You can also use a color keyword like blue or green, or a HEX color code like #ff0000 for red.

You can apply accent color to specific elements using CSS selectors. For example, if you want to change the accent color for all buttons on your website, you can use the following CSS:

button {
accent-color: blue;

Please note that accent color is not supported by all browsers and is a non-standard feature, so it is recommended to check browser compatibility before using it.

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