CSS Borders

In Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the border property is used to set the style, width, and color of the border around an HTML element. The border style can be set with the “border-style” property. The “border-style” property can take one of the following values: none: No border is displayedsolid: A single solid linedotted: A series […]

Download CSS Parser, Transformer, and Minifier Written in Rust

Features Analyzing and minifying large files in quick way. Typed Property Values ​​ @parcel/css parsing all values ​​using the proper grammar from the CSS specification and deliver a specific value type for each property. Browser-grade parser @parcel/css is based on the cssparser and selectors crates created by Mozilla and used by Firefox and Servo. Minification […]

CSS Spinner

elegant collection of pure css spinners for your website loading animation. Vanilla – no external dependency and no additional library required. Standalone – use one of these separately. customizable – use stylus variables to quickly customize them to your needs. easy to use – easy to copy and paste, but also easy to use with […]

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