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Best Free 404 Error responsive templates

Hi guys.. Today when i just browsing websites i got some error pages. Really i wondered Some 404 error pages are beatifully designed with stunning designing mind, By mind i really appreciate the desinger who designed that. Then i started to search for inspiring other 404 error pages. I got lot of results. Old HTML 404 error
that keeping the traditional HTML coding with good design skills.

Now we are in responsive era. Every website need to be responsive . Here i have collected Best Free 404 Error responsive templates. for you. Most of them using bootstrap framework for responsive . You can download these themes for free. By inspire from these try to make your own 404 error page . Best of luck guys .. enjoy !!!

Free 404 Error Page Template


Free 404 Error Page Template by templatemonster.

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Ohh – Free 404 Error Website Template

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Poses 404 page not found mobile web template

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Dark Blue 404 Page

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Green Glossy 404 Page Not Found

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Fuel 404 –Â Free 404 Html Template

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White Page –Â Free 404 Html Template

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Woody 404 Page Not Found

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Error 404 Mobile Website Template

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Free HTML 404 Error Template

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Robotik – Free 404 Error Page HTML Template

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Free bootstrap 404 error page template

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Free 404 Error Page Vectors

Free 404 Error Page Vectors
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Bootstrap Multiselect

JQuery multiselect plugin based on Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap MultiSelect is a JQuery plugin based an intuitive user interface for the use of select inputs with multiple attribute yet provide . Instead of selecting a bootstrap button w drop-down menu appear to contain the options as check boxes .

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Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin

Accessibility Plugin for Bootstrap 3

Accessibility Plugin for Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 3 as SubModule.

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Bootstrap hover dropdown Plugin

Bootstrap hover dropdown

An unofficial plugin for Bootstrap hover dropdown. Bootstrap to enable drop-down lists , hover and offer to enable a great user experience

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HTML5 form validation jQuery plugin

form validation jQuery plugin

A user-friendly HTML5 form validation jQuery plugin for Bootstrap 3. The validator plugin provides an automatic form validation configurable mostly HTML5 standard attributes . It also provides an unobtrusive user experience , because nobody likes a naggy form .

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Best jquery plugin to validate form fields

jquery plugin to validate form fields

The best jquery plugin to validate form fields. Designed to use with top frameworks like Bootstrap + Zurb Foundation + Pure + SemanticUI + UIKit + Your own frameworks.

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Free Bootstrap Photography Templates

Free html templates help us for speed up our work. We getting works from different work firms. They must have different requirements. Here I am listing some best attractive free photo gallery Templates. Photo gallery feature is one important thing in these websites. Attractive photo gallery will make the client and customers happy. You can refer these gallery for making your own photo galleries.

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Resources for customize bootstrap default theme

Bootstrap is the one of the famous responsive framework that using web designers and web developers. bootstrap framework has built in css files and javascript files that giving a default style for basic bootstrap templates. Clean and nice default bootstrap theme we can create from the default styles. But we all need exactly different themes for each project or else for showcasing our work there all will be same.So there are lots of online solutions for changing default bootstrap theme into attractive theme. Here I gathered paid and free top resources for customizing default bootstrap themes into your dream choice bootstrap website.

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Collection of free bootstrap templates websites

For a beginner bootstrap developer always need some free bootstrap website templates for quick start. We can get inspired from these free templates also able to download and customize some themes for our own need. Sometimes we need to work for different clients and we didn’t have any idea about their subject at that time we can refer some free themes or premium themes based on their subject. The following list of free bootstrap 3 template websites will help you… enjoy!!!!!!!!

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Top bootstrap tutorial websites

I am a big fan of the bootstrap. twitter bootstrap simplified my workload. before bootstrap I struggled to hand code for projects. For making a website into responsive that also took extra time. Same for when coding for the gallery, carousel, etc. You can easily solve your these little problems by using the twitter bootstrap framework. Except these there are other lot benefits with bootstrap framework.I learned bootstrap through these bootstrap tutorial websites

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HTML5 responsive website templates free

Today small and large business firms required to show there work and service in front of the world to attract the attract the attention. There is only one solution you can attract the world’s attention easily . Create a small website and present for your people and tell them you can find all my services and history here in website. Just a simple way , now everybody have net connection and all people connected around the world at least through social media.

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HTML linter for Bootstrap projects

bootlint HTML linter for bootstrap

Bootlint is a tool that checks for several common HTML mistakes in webpages that are using Bootstrap in a fairly “vanilla” way. Here you can check html linter for bootstrap

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iOS Project bootstrap

Aimed at high quality coding

iOS project bootstrap aimed at high quality coding.

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Bootstrap Calendar widget


Free Bootstrap Calendar widget

Bootstrap Calendar widget with Full view calendar, month, week and day views based on templates with Twitter Bootstrap.

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Twitter bootstrap multiselect plugin with jQuery


Bootstrap Multiselect plugin

Bootstrap Multiselect plugin is a JQuery based plugin to provide an intuitive user interface for using select inputs with the multiple attribute present. Instead of a select a bootstrap button will be shown w dropdown menu containing the single options as checkboxes.

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Date and Time picker widget based on twitter bootstrap


free Date and Time picker widget

Both Date and Time picker widget based on twitter bootstrap (supports Bootstrap v2 and v3)

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Bootstrap Application Wizard

Bootstrap Application Wizard.

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Top 20 free bootstrap admin panel templates

Hi, Guys here am listing 20 free bootstrap admin themes. I spent too much time to sort the best for you. These all free templates is absolutely for admin solutions. Everybody can download and customize these free admin templates for any type of back end system or web application. You can save time via doing this. Enjoy reading !

Download free bootstrap admin panel templates

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Top 20 inspiring Bootstrap websites

Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks for building responsive websites with HTML5 CSS and Jquery. Bootstrap made easy responsive website development quick and easier. Grid based design layout and responsive feature is the main reason web developers love to work with bootstrap framework. When i start to design and code with bootstrap i only saw some usual website templates, all are looking same.

After i got experienced with bootstrap designing and coding, i explored more websites that built with bootstrap. That all websites are totally different from the usual bootstrap templates. Here i am listing the most beautiful bootstrap websites for you.

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Jasny Bootstrap : Extension of the famous Bootstrap


Jasny Bootstrap is an extension of the famous Bootstrap, adding the following components.

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Laravel 4 Bootstrap Starter Site

Bootstrap Starter Site

Laravel 4 Starter Site is a basic blog application using several nice community packages.

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Best jquery form validation Plugin


jquery form validation

The best @jquery plugin to validate form fields. Designed to use with Bootstrap + Zurb Foundation + Pure + Semantic UI + UIKit + Your own frameworks. Star it. Try it. Buy it 🙂

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JavaScript notification for Bootstrap

JavaScript notification

JavaScript notifications for Bootstrap, jQuery UI, and the Web Notifications Draft.

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Weather themed Bootstrap icons

Bootstrap Icons

Bootstrap Icons

189 weather themed icons inspired by Font Awesome and ready for Bootstrap .

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Quick and easy product tours with Bootstrap


Quick and easy way to build your product tours with Bootstrap Popovers.

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BOOTFLAT : Flat UI KIT based on Bootstrap


BOOTFLAT is an open source Flat UI KIT based on Bootstrap 3.3.0 CSS framework. It provides a faster, easier and less repetitive way for web developers to create elegant web apps.

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Android Bootstrap App


Android Bootstrap is now API 15+ only. I will also be implementing RxJava, Material design and a few other things into this app as well. There will be no upgrade path as Android Bootstrap is mean to act as a starting point for Android Applications.

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Twitter Bootstrap for Rails

Twitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails Asset Pipeline (Rails 4, 3.1, 3.2 are supported).

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Bootstrap style buttons with Font Awesome


Bootstrap style buttons with Font Awesome

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Extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls


Extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls. Easy to install, customize, update, and optimize. All functionality covered by live documentation and unit tests.

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Integration of Bootstrap into your AngularJS


AngularStrap is a set of native directives that enables seamless integration of Bootstrap 3.0+ into your AngularJS 1.2+ app.

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Sage : WordPress starter theme


Sage is a WordPress starter theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate, gulp, Bower, and Bootstrap, that will help you make better themes.

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jQuery Bootgrid Plugin


Nice, sleek and intuitive. A grid control especially designed for bootstrap.

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Display filepaths as a browsable directory list : bootstrap


jQuery Plugin for displaying an array of filepaths as a browsable, hierarchical directory (tree) structure. Plays nice with Bootstrap 3. Tested with jQuery v2.1.3.

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Data in tree structure by using angular, bootstrap


Javascript Tree Grid using JQuery, Angularjs, and Javascript.

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JQuery validation framework for bootstrap forms


A JQuery validation framework for bootstrap forms. Displays validation errors in help-block elements as users type.

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Date range picker component for Bootstrap


This date range picker component for Bootstrap creates a dropdown menu from which a user can select a range of dates. I created it while building the UI for Improvely, which needed a way to select date ranges for reports.

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jQuery Mobile theme based on Bootstrap


A jQuery Mobile theme based on Bootstrap.

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jQDrawBootstrapGrid : Grid columns to a twitter bootstrap enabled layout.


A simple jQuery plugin that draws grid columns to a twitter bootstrap layout.

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Mention functionality for bootstrap


Lightweight (min: 1.92kb, full: 4.07kb) wrapper for adding @user mention functionality to Twitter Bootstraps Typeahead plugin. This enables you to have Twitter-like user mentions in textareas

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This plugin integrates by default with Twitter bootstrap using badges to display the maximum lenght of the field where the user is inserting text. Uses the HTML5 attribute “maxlength” to work.

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Simple lightbox plugin based on the bootstrap modal plugin


A simple lightbox plugin based on the bootstrap modal plugin.

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Simple WYSIWYG Editor using Bootstrap


Super simple WYSIWYG Editor using Bootstrap.

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Bootstrap themed per column filter for an HTML table


Bootstrap and X-editable themed jQuery plugin that preforms per-column filtering for an HTML table.

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Mobile and touch friendly input spinner component for Bootstrap


Bootstrap TouchSpin is a mobile and touch friendly input spinner component for Bootstrap 3.

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Bootstrap Combobox


We had need of a combobox at work and after looking around at the available options I was not happy with any of them. The project had all it’s styling based on Twitter’s Bootstrap, so building on that made sense.

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Contextual Menus with Twitters Bootstrap


Context.js is a lightweight solution for contextual menus. Currently, there are two versions. The first is to be used with Twitters Bootstrap (bootstrap.css specifically). If you do not use or want to use bootstrap.css, there is a standalone stylesheet to give the menu it’s base styles.

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Bootstrap plugin for markdown editing


Markdown editing plugin for Bootstrap

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Bootstrap popover for jquery validate


Show error message via bootstrap popover for jquery validate.

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Bootstrap Pagy jquery plugin simplifies Bootstrap Pagination component


Bootstrap Pagy is a jQuery plugin that simplifies the use of the Bootstrap Pagination component.


  • Custom previous and next button
  • Custom first and last button
  • Custom inner window size (default 2)
  • Custom outer window size (default 0)
  • Set current page and total pages programmatically
  • Code under Apache License

  • Only depends on jQuery (for Javascript) and Bootstrap (for Markup)

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Bootstrap widget that makes a HTML table editable


Tiny jQuery / bootstrap widget that makes an HTML table editable

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Bootstrap growl : Jquery Plugin for bootstrap


Pretty simple jQuery plugin that turns standard Bootstrap alerts into hovering “Growl-like” notifications.

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Boostrap dynamic pagination jQuery plugin : BootPag


This jQuery plugin helps you create dynamic pagination with Bootstrap or in any other html pages.

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Progressbar interactions for twitter bootstrap


Bootstrap – progress bar is a jQuery plugin that the basic twitter – Bootstrap extends progressbar . It offers the possibility of the progress bar by adding Javascript in combination animate with the existing CSS transitions . In addition, you can view the current progress information in the bar graph or the value received via callback .

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Responsive Bootstrap Gallery


A small, light, responsive Bootstrap Gallery

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Clock style timepicker for Bootstrap


A clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap (or jQuery).

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Bootstrap Filestyle : jquery based plugin


The bootstrap file style is a plugin for jQuery -based component library could Twitter Bootstrap , used to style the file fields of forms . This plugin has an interesting way to present a form for sending files as attractive as they easily and efficiently .

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jQuery Datagrid plugin based on Twitter Bootstrap


bootstrap grid is a jQuery Datagrid plugin, based on Twitter Bootstrap.

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jQuery Validation with Bootstrap tooltip


A drop in extension replacing error labels from jQuery Validation plugin with Twitter Bootstrap tooltips.

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PopConfirm : simple action confirmation jquery based plugin for bootstrap


A simple action confirmation plugin for jQuery based on Twitter Bootstrap Popover. It is Compatible with Bootstrap 2.3 and Bootstrap 3

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jQuery drag and drop HTML builder for Bootstrap


jQuery Drag & Drop HTML Builder – compile Bootstrap based HTML and JS . Builder extract required JS code ( about 0 % – 15 % ) of themselves and provide it with resulting HTML to initialize a third party JS libraries on the front end to allow . Generated HTML contains ” data ” attributes that allow store JS libraries settings and helper to parse the document structure editor .

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A jQuery menu plugin for Bootstrap – metisMenu


A jQuery menu plugin.

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jquery progressTimer for Bootstrap


jQuery Progress timer is a jquery extension that extends the functionality of the Bootstrap progress bar component

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Airview your images just like a tooltip : javascript plugin


Airview is a Javascript plugin which displays single image as Bootstrap Tooltip. It requires Bootstraps Tooltip.js and JQuery.js to work, both of these plugins are provided.

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Bootstrap Dropdown Menus Enhancement


Enhancing functionality of dropdown menus. Added the following improvements:

Support for radio and checkboxes
Positioning of menus
Bullet for menus

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Bootstrap Date Time Picker


Date/time picker widget based on twitter bootstrap.

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Combobox plugin for Twitter Bootstrap


Provides combobox as a Twitter Bootstrap component, based on dropdown (which is compatible down to IE7).

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A jQuery tagging input plugin for Twitter’s Bootstrap


A jQuery tag/token input plugin for Twitter’s Bootstrap, by the guys from Sliptree .

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Checkbox component based on Bootstrap framework


A checkbox component based on Bootstrap framework.

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Twitter Bootstrap Wizard : VinceG


This twitter bootstrap plugin creates a wizard from a formatter Tabfähige structure . It allows to go to a wizard functionality using the keys through the various wizards steps and allows with events , connect individually in each step to build .

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Easy Modal for bootstrap


Easy Modal for bootstrap, is a simple way to create modal dialogs using javascript.

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Fullscreen select for mobile devices : Bootstrap


A custom fullscreen select / multiselect for Bootstrap using BUTTONS or User defined elements, designed for mobile devices. Often UI developers may need to trigger the select via a custom element, That is fullfilled using the data-triggerOn attribute. and access the custom element from the mobileSelect’s callback functions. mobileSelect makes it easy for mobile users to get the most of their screen.

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Simple search interface experiment using Bootstrap responsive techniques


Tunes API search using jQuery + jPlayer + Bootstrap.Simple search interface experiment using Bootstrap responsive techniques.Allows user to input a search term which is executed against the public iTunes Store API.Results are faded in using jQueryUI delay and fadeTo methods. Songs can be previewed by hovering over album artwork, and clicking the jPlayer Circle Player.

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Bootstrap tutorial websites

For Leanring bootstrap we must need some good resources, following are the top Bootstrap tutorial websites for you to start quickly. For a good start in bootstrap these websites will help you.
Please be practical in learning, avoid too much reading in one day, take one section for one day and practice it. Best of luck you guys !!







Tutorial Republic


Twitter Bootstrap 3


Free Bootstrap One Page Templates

Bootstrap is an open-source JavaScript framework , developed by the team at Twitter . It is a combination of HTML , CSS and Javascript code designed to help the user interface components . Bootstrap has been programmed to support both HTML5 and CSS3. Here is some bootstrap one page templates, these all free to use. You can understand bootstrap coding by editing these templates.free bootstrap one page templates helps you to make landing pages easily

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Top 42 Resources for Customizing Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is the famous and popular front-end framework for the design of websites and apps .Anyone can start with a template. Promotes simple , attractive design and is bundled with a sensible default stylesheet , javascript and jquery libraries also icons files . Easy to understand for a beginner. Although it does not come with a lot more , Bootstrap is very flexible . In this article you will find a collection of 42 must find resources you should know for customize the bootstrap. Read through Top 42 Resources for Customizing Bootstrap and enjoy!!!

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Top Icon fonts Resources for Bootstrap Design

The following is a list of useful resources when working on icon section with Bootstrap. We’ve included top icon fonts website list.

We will continue to find resources to add this page so make sure to bookmark and come back. If you have a suggestion, please message us. cheers !

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BootMetro : Create web apps with Windows 8 Metro user interface


Easy and complete web UI framework to create web apps with Windows 8 Metro user interface.

Demo Download

bootstrap-wysihtml5:Simple wysiwyg editors


bootstrap-wysihtml5 is a javascript plugin that makes it easy to create simple, beautiful wysiwyg editors with the help of wysihtml5 and Twitter Bootstrap

Demo Download

10 Best Free Bootstrap Templates 2015

Hi everyone Download best free bootstrap templates 2015 which will be useful to create a websites easily.

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10 Free Bootstrap 3 Portfolio Templates

In this post we have collected 10 Bootstrap 3 Portfolio templates for you to freely use in your coming projects. This all bootstrap templates free to download and you can customize for your own need. These free bootstrap portfolio templates helps you to make portfolio websites easily.

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Modal dialogs using javascript : Easy Modal for bootstrap

Easy Modal for bootstrap, is a simple way to create modal dialogs using javascript.

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Confirm dialogs with jQuery and Bootstrap

Confirm dialogs for buttons and links using jQuery and Bootstrap. Any click on the link will pop up a dialog asking the user to confirm the action.

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Bootstrap-modal Class – Responsive, stackable, ajax

Extends the default Bootstrap Modal class. Responsive, stackable, ajax and more.

Extends Bootstrap’s native modals to provide additional functionality. Introduces a ModalManager class that operates behind the scenes to handle multiple modals by listening on their events.

A single ModalManager is created by default on body and can be accessed through the jQuery plugin interface.

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Flat UI Free – Framework and Bootstrap Theme Design

We have a great surprise for Designmodo fans – our first free framework and theme for Bootstrap 3.

Flat UI Free is made on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap in a stunning flat-style, and the kit also includes a PSD version for designers.

We have considered your needs in developing the html version of our bootstrap theme, which contains the same elements as..

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jQuery drag and drop HTML builder – compile Bootstrap based HTML and JS. Builder extract required JS code (about 0% – 15%) from itself and provide it with resulting HTML to allow initialization a third party JS libraries on frontend. Generated HTML contain “data” attributes which store JS libraries settings and helpers to allow parse document structure by editor.

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Twitter Bootstrap Calendar – Bootstrap Based Full View Calendar

Full view calendar with year, month, week and day views based on templates with Twitter Bootstrap.

Website Demo

Easy menu jQuery plugin for Twitter Bootstrap 3

metisMenu is a jQuery plugin for Bootstrap menu 3. You can create collapsible accordion menu with animated effects and support automatic collapse.

Website Demo

Bootstrap Sub-Menu

Bootstrap Sub-Menu is a jQuery plugin to create submenus on the Bootstrap navbar, pop, dropup and tablets.

Website Demo