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jQuery plugin to manage animations with Animate.css


Do not know Animate.css? If you’re new to the wonderful world of Animate.css, I highly recommend you visit this link, to see what you can do with Animate.css.

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CSS3 animations with HTML5 data-attributes


Animatr is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create CSS3 animations using only HTML5 data-attributes.

Lay out your animation steps by time (in seconds), percentages, or both. No more @keyframes or browser prefixing Run multiple animations simultaneously in one element

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jquery.parallax-scroll : Smooth parallax effect on vertical page scrolling


Smooth parallax animations on vertical page scrolling using requestAnimationFrame and CSS3 3D transitions.

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Menu to cross icon With JQuery and CSS3

The project menu -to- Quersymbolist a project to make people different ways a “menu icon ,” the show to have to switch to a ” cross symbol ” ( ☰ -> ✖ ) .

Some techniques use vanilla Javascript , using some jQuery and some are just CSS powerd !

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Lightest Tweening Engine for jQuery : jQueryTween

A super light and easy jQuery plugin which ( , animation engine Javascript) works as a controller for tween.js , and jQuery user , makes the job much easier. Imagine writing init ( ) , animate () and update () over and over again


This plugin is a bridge to tween.js and aims to drastically simplify the work . Each script is doing what he does best, for high-performance hardware -accelerated animation.

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